H40 - Experiment


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A compact unit that compares and shows the accuracy, losses and use of fundamental flow meters. Includes a nozzle flow meter as standard.

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For use by all kinds of engineering students, the Flow Meter Calibration apparatus compares and shows the accuracy and use of fundamental flow meters.

The nozzle flow meter (included) or any of the optional flow meters quickly and easily fit into place between the adaptors in the base unit of the apparatus. Four water-filled manometers show the pressure differences at the flow meter and across the overall flow meter assembly. The manometers have a common manifold fitted with an air valve. Students use the hand-pump (included) to increase the air pressure in the manifold. This ‘offsets’ the manometer measurement (adjusts the datum).

The straight pipe (included) gives a comparison of the true pressure losses caused by the flow meters.

The optional Pitot Tube Flow Meter (H40a) will also show the velocity profile in a pipe. This helps to explain the ‘boundary layer’ and surface friction in pipes and flow channels.

  • Accuracy of nozzle flow meters
  • Losses and k value
  • Calculation of the coefficient of discharge
H1F - Base Unit

Provides a controlled recirculating water supply and accurate flowmeter for hydraulic and fluid mechanics experiments.

H408 - Experiment

A floor standing apparatus to allow students to investigate the phenomena of laminar, transitional and turbulent flows in pipe systems.

H5 - Experiment

An educational Venturi tube that allows students to study the Venturi meter and Bernoulli's Theorem and to make direct comparisons between the results obtained by experimentation and those predicted by theory.

H10 - Experiment

Investigates different ways of measuring flow including a Venturi meter, an orifice plate and a rotameter. At the same time shows applications of the steady flow energy equation (Bernoulli's equation).

H40A - Experiment

Pitot tube with micro-meter adjustment and separate wall tapping. For use with TecQuipment's H40 Flow Meter Calibration unit.

H40B - Experiment

ISO standard Venturi with upstream and throat pressure tappings. For use with TecQuipment's H40 Flow Meter Calibration unit.

H40C - Experiment

Sharp edged orifice to ISO dimensions with upstream and downstream pressure tappings. For use with TecQuipment's H40 Flow Meter Calibration unit.


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