15th novembre 2019

University of Derby Students Witness Design and Manufacturing Under One Roof

Opening the doors to students once more, last week TecQuipment welcomed a group of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year Mechanical Engineering students from the University of Derby to experience the real life of engineering.

It can be hard for students to appreciate what the real world of engineering is like, similar to understanding theory in practice. For educational institutions within travelling distance to TecQuipment’s headquarters in Long Eaton, UK, groups of students are invited to come along and experience the real world of engineering at the company’s headquarters where products are designed and manufactured under one roof.

An appreciation of the complete process is important for all engineers, particularly for students who maybe pondering if they wish to pursue a specialism.

A Tour and More...

After a short introduction about the company, the group headed off on a full factory tour. It began with an explanation of the engineering design process and then down to the beginning of many of the product’s fabrication process: the Machine Shop. They learned how raw materials are milled, cut, polished, welded and braised to form frames, housings, and individual components, before being transported onto the next stage. Which may be onto the Paint Shop for painting, into the Stores to form part of the extensive bank of component stock, or straight to the Assembly Area, where a multi-disciplinary team working across the 450+ products perform the mechanical and electrical assembly of the engineering teaching equipment that the students use in the classroom. The group got to witness first-hand the intricate detail that each person puts into creating each of TecQuipment products. Once assembled, the students headed to the Test Department, where products are individually tested by the specialist team of electrical and mechanical test engineers. And finally, to the packing department, where products are fastidiously wrapped, boxed and crated to be shipped around the world.

Having enjoyed a full tour, it was then time to sit back and learn more about a career in engineering from a few of TecQuipment’s engineers including Paul Wilkinson, the company’s Technical Director. Paul talked about his many years of experience in the automotive industry and shared how he started his career working as an Apprentice for British Aerospace. Jack Rawling, one of TecQuipment’s Mechanical Engineers then spoke about his career to date, his involvement in production engineering and new product development, along with what to expect on a day to day basis as an engineer.

Before the day was over, it was time for students to roll their sleeves up and have a go at the TecQuipment challenge – a team game that requires a steady hand.

Interested in Inviting Student Groups to TecQuipment’s HQ?

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