FC300LD - Experiment

Lift and Drag

The FC300ld Lift and Drag module works with TecQuipment’s FC300 Flow Channel range. It provides a means to measure and display the lift or drag on a set of models consisting of two different sized cylinders and a hydrofoil.

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Lift and Drag

The balance assembly is an articulated parallelogram, linked to a load cell. The parallelogram resists bending moments so that only the force (not the moment) on the model is transmitted to the load cell.

The balance assembly is mounted on a carrier that runs along the rails of the FC300 flow channel.

The display unit displays the force measured by the load cell. This unit is hung on the flow channel.

It can be interfaced to a PC by means of the flow channel Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS-FC). VDAS® allows force measurements to be captured, graphed and exported to a spreadsheet package for further processing.

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