TE4A - Ancillary

Solar Light Bank

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Floor-standing apparatus with fifteen tungsten Halogen Lamps consuming up to 6 kW of power.

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Solar Light Bank

An ancillary for the Photovoltaic Cells Experiment (TE4) from TecQuipment.

The Solar Light Bank (TE4a has five banks of three R7 Tungsten Halogen Lamps (15 total)). Each bank can be turned on and off independently. When running at full capacity the lamps can consume up to 6 kW of power.

Designed to stand beside the TE4 and to direct the light directly onto the photovoltaic cells.

The TE4a enables the TE4 to be used without direct sunlight. It also enables experiments to be accurately replicated and not reliant on the presence of steady sunshine.


Enables the TE4 to be used without direct sunlight to study:

• Performance of the solar panel

• Demonstration of float mode

• Demonstration of load cut


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