SM1000F - Experiment


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Test Coil Spring and attachments to allow tests to prove Hookes' Law and other spring properties using TecQuipment's SM1000 Universal Test machine.

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The Coil Spring (SM1000f) fits in the area above the loading platform of TecQuipment’s Universal Testing Machine (SM1000).

The spring is of the same heavy-duty design as those used in vehicle suspensions. This give students a better understanding of a ‘real world’ engineering component. Two metal ‘bosses’ hold the spring securely in the testing machine, which compresses the spring. The digital indicator of the testing machine measures the change in spring length (displacement) for a given change in applied force.

Students use the displacement and force values to find the actual spring rate and compare it with the theoretical value, based on the spring dimensions. The experiment helps to show Hooke’s Law for the relationship between force and displacement on a spring.

  • Compression tests on a coiled spring
blog post
Robert Hooke: Hooke’s Law

~Robert Hooke a Renaissance man, jack-of-all-trades and master of many; was the discoverer of the law of elasticity known as "Hooke's Law".

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