DP1 - Ancillary

Digital Pressure Display

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This is a digital display unit for measuring the pressure on a variety of TecQuipment experiments.

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Digital Pressure Display

Digital pressure display module to provide clear, accurate pressure measurement when used with a variety of
TecQuipment experiments. It also includes an output for connection to TecQuipment’s Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS® available separately.

The equipment consists of four pressure transducers mounted in a robust panel. The panel mounts on
the instrumentation frames of relevant TecQuipment experiments. The transducers are diff erently rated to show inlet, delivery and Venturi (diff erential) pressure. A four-line LCD display provides a direct read-out in bar. The panel also includes a button to zero all the display readings.

Each gauge quickly and conveniently connects to pressure outlets. Bleed ports are provided to allow for easy removal of unwanted air.


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