SM1000k - Experiment

Disc Spring

An experiment for investigating the force required to achieve maximum deflection of different stacking arrangements of disc springs, along with the spring rate. It fits in the Universal Testing Machine (SM1000) and consists of disc springs, a spring guide and a compression cylinder.

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Disc Spring

Disc springs are common in many industries. The main applications are those that require a small deflection for high force levels. Disc springs can easily be stacked in a variety of arrangements to vary their deflection rates.

The disc guide is fitted to the lower compression plattern and the compression cylinder to the upper plattern. The disc springs are stacked in the desired combination on the disc guide. The SM1000 pump is operated to rais the ram and compress the springs.

The spring discs can be stacked in parallel, in series or in a combingation of series and parallel.

Learning outcomes

• An understanding of the limits of various sheet materials
• An understanding of the Erichsen Number, IE (the depth of penetration achieved when a specimen first ruptures
• An understanding of the difference between isotropic and anisotropic ruptures

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