AF80 - Experiment


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A floor standing suction type subsonic wind tunnel with smoke visualisation. It allows demonstrations and student investigations into the flow of air around a wide variety of different shaped models.

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A vertical, suction-type wind tunnel with smoke visualisation. Allows demonstrations and student investigations into the flow of air around a wide variety of differently shaped models.

Ideal for small group experiments or classroom demonstrations, the apparatus is floor standing. A variable-speed fan mounted on top of the wind tunnel produces the air flow through the working section. Air flow is vertically upwards.

A smoke generator connects to a comb mounted in the wind tunnel below the working section. Students can move the comb from side to side to aid investigations into the aerodynamic properties of a test model. Smoke is produced by the vapourisation of a high-quality food-grade oil. A filter helps provide uniform air flow. The smoke is non toxic.

The front wall of the working section of the wind tunnel is transparent and removable. This enables users to easily and quickly attach the optional models to the back of the working section. It also allows a clear view of the smoke trails. The wind tunnel includes a set of models, with an additional set available separately (AF80b). Lamps illuminate the working section from both sides to improve the visibility of the smoke.

The wind tunnel is held on a metal frame fitted with castors for mobility. A control unit on the frame contains the controls for the fan speed.

When used with the optional models, the visualisation and demonstration of:

  • Boundary layers
  • Separation
  • Rotational flow
AF17 - Experiment

An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench to provide facilities for flow visualisation experiments.

VDAS On Board VDAS AF41V - Experiment

An open-circuit wind tunnel incorporating a suspended aircraft model with realistic controls for classroom demonstrations and student investigations into a variety of aircraft flight principles.

AF80B - Experiment
An additional set of models for the AF80 Demonstration Wind Tunnel.


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