AF13 - Experiment


An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench for the analysis of an emerging jet-stream and its break-up as it moves away from the outlet. Also allows velocity distribution and momentum flux to be evaluated.

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This module consists of a tube with a specially designed rounded entry. The tube is mounted in a stiff plate with the rounded entry on one side and the exit on the other. To set the experiment up the contraction is unclipped from the Air Flow Bench (AF10) and set aside. The whole plate is then mounted onto the plenum chamber directly so that air enters the rounded entry of the tube and leaves the end in a jet.

The total pressure in the jet is measured by a Pitot tube held by a traversing mechanism. The mechanism allows the Pitot tube to move radially across the jet and axially along it. The Pitot tube is connected to the AF10a manometer (ancillary) via a flexible tube fitted with a quick-release coupling.

Learning outcomes

  • Decay of the centre-line velocity.
  • Velocity profile at various distances along the jet and the development of the spread of the jet.
  • Analysis of the velocity profiles to show how the mass flux in the jet increases, the kinetic energy flux decreases and the momentum flux remains constant along the jet length.
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