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A kit comprising a PVC carrying case containing a selection of resistance strain gauges together with all the necessary accessories and consumable materials associated with their application. Ideal for use with the TecQuipment SM1010 Digital Strain Display.

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This kit contains a selection of resistance strain gauges, together with all the necessary accessories associated with their application. Each kit is supplied in a PVC carrying case. The adhesive included is a cyanoacrylate single-agent pressure-sensitive type, and therefore the complete operation of deciding where the gauge is to be placed to taking strain readings can be completed in a few minutes. Also included are the appropriate cleaning agents, terminal strips and sundry items such as tissues, pressure sensitive tape etc.

Primarily intended as a convenient form of general purpose kit, it will prove particularly valuable to: (a) the non-specialist, who occasionally applies strain gauge techniques but has not acquired the experience to specify individual items with confidence; (b) the specialist who is required to perform strain analysis outside the laboratory at short notice; and (c) teaching staff in educational establishments required to demonstrate the technique and to construct experimental apparatus.

The quantities of the items in the kit are adequate for the installation of all the strain gauges.

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