ST1 - Ancillary


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A highly accurate and portable stroboscope providing 30 to 300,000 flashes per minute (FPM).

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A portable digital stroboscope for general laboratory use, such as speed measurement and motion studies. It emits a white light flash from a high efficiency LED solid-state light source on the front of the unit. The rear panel holds the stroboscope controls and a liquid crystal display.

The stroboscope has two modes of operation: internal oscillator and external trigger.

The internal oscillator produces a continuous flash over two frequency ranges. The external trigger allows another frequency generating device to control the flash rate.

In addition, the stroboscope can be used as a strobe tachometer to measure speed instead of using a laser tachometer. Using a stroboscope you can “stop” the shaft down to 30 RPM (FPM).


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