VDAS Onboard EC1501V - Experiment


Bench-top trainer, allows students to investigate the fundamental principles of air conditioning.

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This training unit allows students to investigate air conditioning at a basic level. Students can use P-H charts and psychrometric charts for their calculations and discover the enthalpy change.

The unit features an air-cooled condenser unit connected to an evaporator located in an air duct. The air duct contains relative humidity and temperature sensors on both sides of the evaporator. A small fan provides air flow down the duct and can be manually adjusted.

The refrigeration circuit features high and low pressure gauges, a pressure switch, sight glass, filter dryer and TEV valve. The circuit also includes pressure transducers that connect to the instrumentation.

Four thermocouples placed around the refrigeration circuit allow observation of temperatures, these can be used for the calculation of potential super heating and sub-cooling.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to use Psychrometric charts
  • Determine enthalpy change in the air flow
  • Learn to use a Pressure-Enthalpy chart
  • Determine Coefficient of Performance (COP)
  • Determine superheat and sub-cooling
  • Isentropic and non-icentropic efficiencies of compression stage
  • Effect of air flow on COP
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