AF1450A - Experiment


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A cylinder model with a single pressure tapping point for use with the AF1450 Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

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A cylinder model that spans the full width of the working section of the Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1450). A holder (included with the wind tunnel) supports the model in the tunnel. Also, the Three-Component Balance (AF1450T, included in the package) will support the model.

The model includes a single pressure tapping so, by rotating the model, students can find the pressure distribution around the cylinder. TecQuipment offers several suitable pressure-measuring instruments (available separately).

Using a Pitot tube, students can traverse the model wake to find the downstream pressure distribution and find the drag on the model. They can compare this to direct measurements, obtained using a balance.

TecQuipment’s Smoke Generator (AFA11, not included) increases the educational value of the experiments by showing the flow of air around the model.

VDAS AF1450S - Package

An open circuit suction subsonic wind tunnel with a working section of 450 mm by 450 mm and 1000 mm long. Package includes the Aerofoil with Tappings, a Three-Component Balance, two Differential Pressure Transducers, a 32-Way Pressure Display Unit and data acquisition (VDAS-F).

AF12 - Experiment

An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench to provide experiments that measure and compare the effects of drag force on objects mounted in an airstream that have the same projected frontal area but different shape. Facilities to compare drag force measurement methods are included.

AFA7 - Ancillary

A traversing Pitot-static tube with electronic position measurement for use with TecQuipment’s Subsonic Wind Tunnels (AF1300, AF1450, AF1600).


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