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An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench to provide experiments that measure and compare the effects of drag force on objects mounted in an airstream that have the same projected frontal area but different shape. Facilities to compare drag force measurement methods are included.

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This simple yet comprehensive experiment module consists of a duct with transparent front and rear. The front has scales printed on it to position the various parts during the experiments. A Pitot tube and simple mass balance are attached to the outside of the duct for wake traverse and direct drag measurements respectively.

It comes with three models all of the same frontal area:

  • A cylinder with a protractor, and a pressure tapping in its outer wall
  • A flat plate
  • A symmetrical aerofoil shape with a NACA profile

All the models fit in the arms of the mass balance for the wake traverse and direct measurement experiments. For cylinder pressure distribution experiments, the arms of the mass balance can be rotated clear of the duct and the cylinder model fitted between the duct walls directly. Both the Pitot tube and the cylinder tapping connect to the AF10a Manometer (ancillary) via flexible tubes fitted with quick-release couplings.

Learning outcomes

  • Determination of the drag coefficient by measurement of the pressure distribution around the cylinder.
  • Determination of the drag coefficient by wake traverse.
  • Determination of the drag coefficient around the cylinder by direct measurement and comparison to results obtained by pressure distribution and wake traverse.
  • Direct measurement and comparison of drag coefficient between a cylinder, flat plate and aerofoil.
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