AF10 - Base Unit


A fully mobile bench to provide basic airflow facilities to enable a wide range of practical airflow investigations. Suitable for demonstration, laboratory and project work at a basic level.

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The AF10 is a small-scale wind tunnel with an electric fan and adjustable air flow control. It is the essential base unit for eight different experiment modules that demonstrate key principles and phenomena of air flow.

The unit consists of a sturdy steel framework on which is mounted a fan which supplies air via a flow-control valve to a specially designed plenum chamber and aerodynamically shaped contraction.

Each of the experiment modules fits either to the plenum chamber or to the contraction. The air then exits the experiment module through the bench top and emerges at an exhaust at the rear of the unit. When smoke is used in experiments for visualisation purposes users can fit flexible ducting to the exhaust to direct waste smoke safely away.

Toggle clamps hold the experiment modules, reducing the need for tools. Pressure measurement connections use reliable quick-release couplings. Both of these features make the changeover from one experiment to another simple and quick.

The bench format of the equipment makes it compact, easy to move and store. The unit also has handy shelves and storage space which is ideal to store experiment modules when they are not in use.

The minimum requirement is the AF10 and one of the experiment modules, plus the AF10a manometer as required. Other experiments can be purchased at a later date allowing a complete system to be built up as time and budgets allow.

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