24th mai 2017

ASEE Exhibition 2017

It is that time of year again, when the best and brightest in the engineering education field descend on the American Society of Engineering Education exhibition.

This year's ASEE event, the 124th edition, 'Takes Flight' in Columbus, Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The event is on from 25-28th June and we are getting ready to ship our stand and brand new product to showcase.

This year we will be taking the new Cooling Towers (EC1000) equipment from our Environmental Control range, which demonstrates the operational characteristics of an evaporative cooling tower.

Cooling Towers | TecQuipment
The Cooling Towers equipment from TecQuipment

We are delighted to be able to take this unit out to the States for everyone to see, it has some incredible features that truly enhance student learning in the topic. The built in software provides live displays of air temperatures and humidity using a psychrometric chart and can be used with five different columns for immersive comparisons between different packing types.

Columbus is a great city ('The Best' according to Daniel White's article) and the 15th largest in the US, with a world-class library, zoo and America's largest university! If you are coming, here is a map of Columbus and it's hotels for you (courtesy of the ASEE website).

TecQuipment will be located at Stand 839 and we look forward to meeting you all there at ASEE!