AF1300F - Experiment


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A flat boundary layer model to illustrate the phenomena of boundary layer development and separation. For use with the AF1300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

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Shows boundary layer development and separation.
The model is a flat plate that spans the full width of the AF100 wind tunnel working section. It has aerodynamically shaped blocks mounted across the plate at different distances from the leading edge. Each block has five tapping points at different heights along its leading edge. Each tapping connects to flexible, numbered tubing that routes outside the wind tunnel. Students can connect the tubes to other optional pressure-measurement instruments. The tapping points allow students to measure the stagnation pressure. They use this to find the velocity at different heights from the surface and at different distances from the leading edge. This allows students to find the growth of the boundary layer along the plate.
On the trailing edge of the plate is a hinged flap. Students can adjust the angles of both the plate and the flap independently. This lets them create different arrangements to control pressure distribution and the boundary layer.
The surface of the plate has small ‘tufts’ to help students see the air flow around the surface of the plate.

VDAS AF1300S - Package

An open circuit suction subsonic wind tunnel with a working section of 300 mm by 300 mm and 600 mm long.

AFA1 - Ancillary

A tilting 36-tube manometer for use with the AF1300, AF1450 and AF1600 Subsonic Wind Tunnels, other TecQuipment products, or as a general purpose instrument.

AF14 - Experiment

An optional experiment module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench. For students to study boundary layers on rough and smooth flat plates. Includes a pitot to measure velocity profiles. Also allows experiments with pressure gradients.

AFA5 - Ancillary

Digital differential pressure measurement and display unit for use with TecQuipment’s Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF1300).

AFA6 - Ancillary

The 32-Way Pressure Display Unit displays up to 32 different pressures from models Pitot-static tubes and other measuring instruments fitted to a wind tunnel.


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