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The AF302 is a suction type continuous operation supersonic wind tunnel with a working section of 101.6 mm x 25.4 mm that allows investigations into supersonic airflow around 2-dimensional models.

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A suction-type continuous-operation supersonic wind tunnel for investigations into subsonic and supersonic air flow. It also allows students to study air flow in two dimensions around aerodynamic models.

An instrument frame (supplied) holds a remote control unit that controls a high-capacity vacuum pump (supplied). The pump creates a low pressure downstream of the working section to draw air into the wind tunnel. A bypass duct with a hand-operated valve allows the operator to reduce the airflow through the Working Section without disturbing the quality of the main airflow. This is useful for startup and shutdown and for subsonic tests.

The working section of the wind tunnel is a convergent-divergent nozzle with a removable top part (‘liner’). The shape of the liner controls the maximum air velocity at the divergent part of the working section. Included are three different liners.

A selection of models are included with the equipment (one has pressure tappings) for experiments in two-dimensional flow. These fit in the ‘portal’ of the working section, flush to both windows. A geared mechanism allows students to adjust the incidence angle of the models. An encoder works with the optional VDAS® to measure the model angle.

Pressure tappings along the working section connect to a ‘mimic’ panel and multi-pressure display unit in the instrument frame. The display unit shows the pressures at the tappings. The display includes calibrated pressure sensors to measure pressures relative to atmosphere. It also shows the pressures on one of the models.
An analogue pressure gauge measures and displays the suction of the pump (tunnel reference pressure). This pressure line also connects to the multi-pressure display for data acquisition.

The equipment works with TecQuipment’s optional Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®) and can quickly and conveniently connect to a frame-mounting interface unit (VDAS-F, not included). Using VDAS® enables accurate real-time data capture, monitoring, display, calculation and charting of all relevant parameters on a suitable computer.

The wind tunnel includes transparent windows in the working section. These are high-quality optical glass suitable for use with the optional Schlieren Apparatus (AF302a, available separately) enabling display and recording of images of high-speed flow.

  • Pressure distribution along a convergent/divergent (Laval) nozzle with subsonic and supersonic air flow.
  • Comparison of theoretical and actual pressure distributions.
  • Comparison of actual and theoretical area ratios of anozzle at supersonic air velocities (Mach numbers).
  • Pressures around a two-dimensional model in subsonic and supersonic flow conditions, at different angles of incidence.
  • Lift coefficients for aerodynamic models in supersonic flow.
  • Shock waves and expansion patterns around a twodimensional model in supersonic flow conditions (when used with the optional Schlieren Apparatus).
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Solihull College Uses TecQuipment Products for Teaching Aerospace Engineering and Maintenance Degree Students.

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