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Renewable energy is energy collected that is replenished on a human timescale. The industry is rapidly growing around the world as more nations turn their energy dependence to these renewable sources.

Renewables or green technologies, generally cover four areas: electricity generation, air and water heating and cooling, transportation and off-grid energy requirements. The sources of renewable energy are often derived from sunlight, wind, water (hydro, tidal or wave energy) and geothermal.

TecQuipment's renewable energy range covers the principles behind the technology that facilitates this industry. Our Fluid Mechanics range covers areas of turbines and water flow, Thermodynamics investigates topics such as heat transfer and thermoelectricity and the Theory of Machines range provides a background to the mechanical principles that support the industry, such as gears and shafts. 

The Solar range looks directly at thermal and photovoltaic solar energy principles.

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