H311 - Experiment


A self-contained bench mounting apparatus for studies into the settling characteristics of suspended solids and the display of wall effects.

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The bench-mounting apparatus consists of five long, transparent sedimentation columns mounted on a rigid frame. 

The rear panel is translucent, with back lighting to improve observation of settling sediments in the columns. The columns are removable for filling before tests. A graduated scale on the rear panel allows students to measure settlement depth. 

Supplied with the equipment is a stopwatch to find settling times, a specific gravity bottle, measuring beakers and five rubber bungs. The rubber bungs seal the ends of the columns when the students shake the liquid and particles (slurry) before an experiment.

  • Comparison of settling characteristics of different sediments
  • Determination of the effect of concentration on settling characteristics (hindered settlement)
  • Determination of velocity distribution curves
  • Comparison of flocculent and particle suspensions
  • Determination of particle size distribution (grading curve) by liquid sedimentation