Realistic Hardware and Powerful Virtual Experiments

TecQuipment’s modular Structures range offers a cost-effective, flexible teaching system that we believe is the most advanced product in its field.

The range teaches basic principles to more advanced theory. It has 19 desk-mounting hardware experiment modules supported by full automatic data acquisition, and TecQuipment's powerful and popular Structures Software (STRS).

You can use the hardware modules and the Structures Software together or as stand-alone products. However, using both with automatic data acquisition gives a powerful teaching solution.

In addition, the products include a full selection of user guides, student guides, lecturer guides, textbook and other supporting material. These work together so anyone using the equipment gets the best from it - teachers and students alike.

By providing virtual experiments, the software offers an affordable, versatile and effective method for students to quickly learn structures principles. Not only does it allow students the flexibility of working away from the laboratory, it also expands experiments beyond the limits of the hardware.

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