SM1000E - Experiment


Brinell indenter and magnifier with Graticule. Allows hardness tests to be completed on TecQuipment's SM1000 Universal Test Machine.

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The Brinell Indenter (SM1000e) fits in the area above the loading platform of TecQuipment’s Universal Testing Machine (SM1000). 

The indenter uses a hardened steel ball in a holder that pushes down onto a suitable test specimen and creates a small dent. The hand-held magnifier has a measurement scale or ‘graticule’ for accurate measurent of the dent. Using the dimensions of the dent, the indenter ball and the force applied gives the Brinell hardness number of the specimen material. 

TecQuipment include a set of their hardness test (HTP) specimens with this product.

  • Brinell hardness tests of different basic engineering materials
VDAS SM1000 - Experiment

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SM1002C - Experiment

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