MFP103A - Experiment


A piston pump for use with the MFP103 Positive Displacement Pump Support Module.

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For use with the Positive Displacement Pump Module (MFP103) this pump is ideal for student experiments, demonstrations and projects. 

The piston pump is a positive displacement pump. It has twin vertically-opposed pistons that deliver a given volume of fluid (oil) for each full rotation of the pump shaft. Built-in one-way valves determine the flow direction, but you only test the pump in one direction, determined by the Universal Dynamometer. 

Self-sealing connections reduce oil spillage and simplify installing the pump to the pump module.

  • Performance and characteristics of a piston pump
  • Volumetric and overall efficiencies
  • Use of an oval gear flowmeter

When two or more optional pumps are ordered:

  • Comparison of positive displacement pumps (economy, flow rate and output pressure pulses)
VDAS MFP103 - Experiment

Allows students to study and perform tests on a range of optional Positive Displacement Pumps to understand how they work and calculate their performance.