VDAS TD1006 - Experiment


An experimental apparatus to derive the temperature pressure relationship for saturated steam, and verify the Antoine Equation.

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The TD1006 Marcet Boiler is a simple experiment to show the relationship between pressure and temperature for saturated (wet) steam for comparison with published results. 

The apparatus consists of a rigid frame containing an insulated pressure vessel (boiler) and an instrumentation and control unit. The frame also has extra space for the optional VDAS® interface. 

The electrically-heated boiler holds water. As the water temperature increases, so does the pressure in the boiler. A transducer and a thermocouple measure the boiler pressure and temperature. A digital display shows the values in both SI and traditional units (including absolute values). 

The boiler includes a special-purpose glass window. It allows students to see the internal construction of the vessel, to see the boiling process and to check the water level. 

For sound engineering practice a mechanical Bourdon type gauge also displays the pressure. It works independent of the electrical supply so the user can always see the pressure in the vessel. 

The electrical heater has a thermostat to limit the maximum heater temperature. A pressure relief valve limits the maximum boiler pressure. For safety, the equipment includes high temperature pipe to direct any vented steam away from the working area to a suitable drain.
The design includes all possible safety and low maintenance features, specially for educational use. 

TecQuipment has checked the corrosion-resistant high-grade stainless steel boiler against the latest European safety standards. 

You can do tests with or without a computer connected. However, for quicker tests with easier recording of results, TecQuipment can supply the optional Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS®). This gives accurate real-time data capture, monitoring and display, calculation and charting of all the important readings on a computer.

  • Variation of saturated steam pressure with temperature
  • Confirmation of the Antoine Equation
VDAS-F (mkII) - Ancillary

A frame mounting versatile data acquisition system (VDAS) to allow computer-based data capture for a wide range of TecQuipment products.

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