AFA10 - Ancillary


This smoke generator and probe is an optional ancillary to TecQuipment's AF1300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel to allow the observation of airflow in subsonic wind tunnels and other airflow situations.

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A smoke generator and probe that allows students to see air flow in subsonic wind tunnels and other low flow rate air flow products.
It is a control unit that pumps oil to the tip of a probe. A low-voltage electrical coil at the probe tip heats the oil to produce a fine smoke trail. The smoke moves into the air stream smoothly and steadily. Students can adjust the controls of the control unit to change the smoke strength to suit the air flow conditions.

The apparatus includes an integral reservoir bottle. Low oil consumption allows approximately six hours of use on one filling of the bottle.

Supplied with instructions, smoke probe, spare heater tip and oil.

  • Flow visualisation


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