TecQuipment Elastic Band Car Challenge Build Your Own at Home

The instructions for the build of this car can be found here . This is largely based on a version by www.craftsbyamanda.com.

Items needed

4 CDs 4 wooden bobbins/spools 1 wide straw 2 sturdy wooden BBQ skewers or dowel 1-2 large elastic bands 1 cardboard tube (from the inside of a kitchen foil) 4 buttons

Equipment needed

Glue gun
Single hole puncher

  • Hot glue a spool to the centre of each CD (be sure they are centred!). It’s easiest if you stand your spool up on the table and place the CD over the top so you can see if it’s centred.
  • Hot glue buttons to the other side of the CDs as hubcaps.
  • Use hole punch to create a hole for the axle on one side of the cardboard tube. Create another hole on the other side of the cardboard tube, using a ruler to make sure they are the same distance from the end of the tube. Repeat these steps at the other end of the tube, again using a ruler to make sure they align with the first axle.
  • HINT: An easy way to line up the holes in the axles to make sure they are even is to loop a rubber band around the full length of the cardboard tube. Place the rubber band over the centre of one hole and use the rubber band as a guide for placing the rest of the holes!
  • Insert the BBQ skewer or dowel into the holes of the front axle.
  • Centre the BBQ skewer and cut a drinking straw to create a “stopper” between the axle hole and the spool on the wheel. This will keep the axle from being able to freely move all the way to one side, keeping the wheels from hitting the cardboard tube body. Use a hot glue to secure the BBQ skewer in place.
  • Thread the straws onto both ends of the BBQ skewer. Insert the ends of the BBQ skewer into the spools on the wheels. If you are satisfied with everything and your axles turn freely, remove dowel from spool, add hot glue to the inside of the spool and replace the dowel.
  • Repeat these steps with the back axle and BBQ skewer. Your drinking straw stoppers will be a little longer on the back due to the longer axle.
  • Use 1-2 rubber bands (depending on the length of your bands) to make a rubber band chain. The length of the rubber band chain should be about the same length as the cardboard tube, so if it’s too long shorten the chain by one band.
  • Loop the first rubber band in the chain around the front axle inside the cardboard tube and run the entire chain through the loop; pull it tight.
  • Make to cuts at the other end of the cardboard tube. These should be long enough to hold the elastic band
  • Then, drop the elastic chain down into the tube to reach into the back end of the cardboard. The elastic band needs to be held by both cuts. TIP: If the band is not tight enough you can put the cuts on the other end of the tube and stretch it along the outer length.
  • Finally, to give your wheels added traction, attach rubber bands around the CD wheels.
  • To wind up the car, hold the car with the back axle toward you and turn the front wheels counter-clockwise. The rubber band chain will wrap around the front axle and get tighter. When it’s tight, place the car on the ground and watch it go!

For the full pictoral guide, view and download the PDF here.