TecQuipment Student Competitions

Increase engagement in practical learning through TecQuipment's Student Competitions. Watch out as we ready for launch of the 2023 compeition, bringing together students from colleges and universities to complete on both a local and international platform. Watch the video below for an introduction taken from 2020.

Competition Options

1) Institution (Local) Competititions

Groups of students within one instituion compete against each other to investigate an engineering theory or concept that utilises a piece of TecQuipment teaching equipment to practically test the theory or concept, and create a 3 - 5 minute video. Read the rules below for full details.

2) International Competition

The winning groups from each Institution (Local) Competitions can be entered into the International Competition. The winner will be the group's video that has the most views, likes, comments and shares on YouTube. Read the rules below for full details.

2023 International Student Competition
To be entered into the 2023 International Competition video entries need to be submitted by end of April 2023.

Students and institutions then have till 12th May to get as many social interactions on their video through likes, comments and shares as possible.

2024 International Student Competition
Institutions that have not completed the Instituion (Local) Competition judging processes by end of April 2023 can submit their winning group entry in the 2024 International Student Competiton.


Contact the Marketing Team at TecQuipment to discuss your potential involvement by emailing marketing@tecquipment.com


Download the student competition rules here.
Download the competition flyer here.


The winner of the 2019 Nottingham Trent University Insitution competition was Team 10. Watch their winning video below.

Here is a selection of videos from other student entries at Nottingham Trent University in 2019.