Prizes Presented at TecQuipment's Thermofluids Competition at Nottingham Trent University

The entries from 11 teams of students that entered the Nottingham Trent University Thermofluids Competition sponsored by TecQuipment were judged this week by a panel of senior academics from the university and TecQuipment Marketing Manager Dionne Knowles.

The teams had to design a thermofluids based experiment using one of TecQuipment’s fluid mechanics products. In many cases the students designed their own test pieces and 3D printed them in the university lab. The projects were scored on:

  • Effectiveness of presentation
  • Creativity of ideas
  • Experimental design
  • How the judge's questions were answered in interview

Team ‘High Impact’ Took the Trophy

The winning team, Team 10, experimented with the Impact of a Jet apparatus from TecQuipment, designing and printing various different nozzles for investigating how the force produced varied. In recognition of their efforts, TecQuipment presented them with a trophy, a mini scale model of the AF1300 Wind Tunnel, and a cash prize of £150.

Ben Simpson from Nottingham Trent University, with the winning student team and Dionne Knowles from TecQuipment

Competitions Around the World

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Winning Video

Watch the video from the winning team on YouTube below, and keep an eye out for more entrant videos on YouTube during the next few weeks.

Photos from the Judging Event

Team 5 present propellers in their Hydrodynamic Propeller Investigation competition entry
Team 7 getting ready for the judge's questions
Team 12 poised to share their video entry 'how does the porosity of the filter impact the performance of the pump?'