20th November 2019

TecQuipment Announce Acquisition of Certain Assets of Cussons Technology

Nottingham, UK – TecQuipment, leading provider of high quality educational equipment for engineering disciplines has today acquired certain assets of Cussons Technology Ltd, including the Intellectual Property specifically associated with the Engineering Educational Division and also certain physical assets such as manufacturing equipment and Educational product stock. The remaining part of Cussons Technology, the Marine Hydrodynamics & Industrial Division, is not included in this asset acquisition.

The asset acquisition will allow TecQuipment to rapidly expand the company’s range of engineering teaching products, and offer customers a greater degree of choice within existing product areas.

Following the administration of Cussons Technology Ltd on 17th October, TecQuipment began talks that would bring together the technology from two of the oldest engineering teaching equipment providers in the world, both based in the UK. This has come to fruition today, in the confirmation of the deal to acquire the agreed assets.

Simon Woods, TecQuipment’s Managing Director commented “TecQuipment is dedicated to being the leading provider of engineering teaching equipment to universities and colleges around the world, by delivering premium quality products, with unrivalled customer service. This asset acquisition is part of an ongoing strategy to offer an ever more comprehensive range and depth of engineering teaching products. It particularly strengthens areas such as the teaching of sustainable energy and steam power, along with further bolstering teaching capabilities related to topics including aerodynamics, fluid mechanics, process control and engines.”
Addressing the customers and agents of the Engineering Education Division of Cussons Technology, “We appreciate that this is an uncertain time for customers and agents of Cussons Technology Ltd, and wish to reassure the market that we will endeavour to assist in meeting their educational teaching equipment needs in the smoothest means possible. As a result we have set up a dedicated team to deal with such enquires that is headed up by TecQuipment’s Sales and Marketing Director Jon Chicken.” Explains Simon Woods.

About TecQuipment

TecQuipment is the leading provider of high quality educational equipment for engineering disciplines. The products allow students and educators to perform practical experiments to illustrate engineering principles relating to aerodynamics, control engineering, process control, hydraulics and fluid mechanics, material testing and properties, structures, renewable energies, mechanics and dynamics, thermodynamics and heat transfer, along with electrical power systems.

The company was founded 61 years ago by the Head of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Nottingham and the Managing Director of a clock making company. Over this period, TecQuipment has grown in recognition of its reliable and robust products that are all designed and manufactured to the ISO9001 standard in Nottinghamshire, UK, delivered with a 5-year warranty. The products are used by students and educators across the world, in over 1500 establishments in more than 100 countries.

About Cussons Technology Limited

Cussons Technology was founded in 1876 and specialised in the development and manufacture of teaching and research equipment for mechanical engineering and allied subjects. Their customers were tertiary educational establishments worldwide, research institutes and government training establishments and the research departments of national and multinational companies. The company went into administration on 17th October 2019.

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