H19 - Experiment


An educational apparatus to allow students to observe the operation of a Pelton turbine and to determine its performance characteristics.

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Shows students how an impulse (Pelton) turbine works and tests its performance. The Pelton wheel is an important and efficient fluid power machine, used in many applications.
The unit consists of a Pelton wheel mounted in a corrosion-resistant enclosure. A transparent front panel allows students to see the turbine working. An optional Stroboscope (ST1, available separately) can ‘freeze’ the image of the turbine to help students better understand how it works.
An adjustable spear valve directs a jet of water through a nozzle to the buckets of the Pelton wheel to make it turn. Manual adjustment of the spear valve controls the water jet from the nozzle.
The turbine includes all pipes and fittings to connect it to TecQuipment’s Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1F, available separately). The hydraulic bench also measures flow rate. The Optical Tachometer (OT1, available separately) can measure the speed of rotation of the turbine.
A simple mechanical brake and spring balance assembly attached to the shaft of the Pelton wheel applies a variable mechanical load (torque). Students use this with the speed (from the optional tachometer) to find power absorbed by the turbine. A gauge measures inlet pressure.
Students adjust the spear valve and measure inlet pressure, flow rate and torque (and speed with the optional tachometer). They plot these values to find the turbine performance.

  • Performance charts of power, speed, torque and efficiency
  • The effect of spear valve position
H1F - Base Unit

Provides a controlled recirculating water supply and accurate flowmeter for hydraulic and fluid mechanics experiments.

OT1 - Ancillary

A compact hand-held optical tachometer with a 5-digit high-brightness LED display and a speed range 3 to 99 999 RPM.

ST1 - Ancillary

A highly accurate and portable stroboscope providing 30 to 300,000 flashes per minute (FPM).

H8 - Experiment

An apparatus to allow students to investigate the forces produced by a water jet striking a flat or a curved surface.

MFP101B - Experiment

Pelton Wheel (turbine) for use with the MFP101 Centrifugal Pump Module.