VDAS Onboard H53V - Experiment

Variable Speed Series and Parallel Pumps

Bench-top test set that allows students to investigate the operation and performance of a single centrifugal pump and two centrifugal pumps in both series and parallel. Has VDAS® Onboard for automatic data acquisition.

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Variable Speed Series and Parallel Pumps

A compact, bench-top and fully self-contained centrifugal pump test set, that allows students to find the characteristics of centrifugal pumps, working alone or in series or parallel.

The apparatus comprises one variable speed centrifugal pump and one fixed speed centrifugal pump, together with two bearing-mounted motors driving each pump independently. The pumps draw water from the clear acrylic reservoir. The water travels through a series of valves to be delivered to a flow and temperature measurement device. The water then returns to the reservoir for re-use, keeping water use to a minimum.

There are pressure transducers fitted in the intake and delivery pipes for the direct measurement and visible display of the inlet and outlet pressures of the pumps on the control box. The adjustable inlet and delivery valves allow students to create different operating conditions.

H53V features VDAS® Onboard for data acquisition via USB cable (supplied) to a computer (not supplied).

Learning outcomes

Comprehensive demonstration and investigation into a centrifugal pump including:

• Centrifugal pump performance and characteristics, typically: head versus flow rate and efficiency versus flow rate
• Operation of centrifugal pumps in series
• Operation of centrifugal pumps in parallel
• Pump efficiency at varying speeds
• Energy balance in centrifugal pumps
• Suction tests of a single pump
• Demonstration of cavitation

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