AF1300L - Experiment


An S1210 profile aerofoil of 150 mm chord for use with the AF1300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

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An unsymmetrical aerofoil that spans the full width of the working section of the Subsonic Wind Tunnel (AF100), for two-dimensional experiments. This aerofoil has an S1210 profile, based on a design originated by Michael S Selig of the University of Illinois. It provides excellent lift at low Reynolds numbers for high-lift, low-speed applications.

VDAS AF1300 - Base Unit

An open circuit suction subsonic wind tunnel with a working section of 300 mm by 300 mm and 600 mm long.

VDAS AF1300S - Package

A starter set consisting of the Subsonic Wind Tunnel AF1300,  Basic Lift and Drag Balance AF1300Z and a set of Three Dimensional Drag Models AF1300J.

AF1300T - Ancillary

A three-component balance designed for use with the AF1300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel.

AF1300V - Ancillary

The AF1300V Differential Pressure Transducer is an optional ancillary for TecQuipment's AF1300 Subsonic Wind Tunnel to measure and display pressures with respect to the atmosphere or differential pressures.

AF1300X - Ancillary

A traversing pitot static tube with electronic position measurement. For use with TecQuipment's AF1300 wind tunnel.

AF12 - Experiment

An experimental module for use with the AF10 Air Flow Bench to provide experiments that measure and compare the effects of drag force on objects mounted in an airstream that have the same projected frontal area but different shape. Facilities to compare drag force measurement methods are included.