STF2 - Experiment


A demonstration to show the shape and tensions of suspension cables.

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For use with the Work Panel (STF1), the kit allows several experiments with a suspension cable. 

Students or teachers fit the magnetic parts of the kit to the Work Panel (STF1) to study or demonstrate the shapes and tensions in a suspension cable. 

The kit compares a suspension cable with a catenary cable and analyses results using catenary and parabolic theory. It includes a roller chain (the cable), held by magnetically mounted sprocket pulleys and a set of weight hangers and weights. Spring balances measure the tension in the cable. The versatility of the kit means that you can create symmetrical and non-symmetrical cables, with point loads or with evenly-spread loads. 

TecQuipment supplies each kit with a fully illustrated User Guide containing theory, experiments and typical results.

  • Analysis using catenary and parabola theory
  • Cable weight and tension
  • Comparison of a symmetrical suspension cable and catenary
  • Unsymmetrical suspension cable
  • A point load on a suspension cable
STF1 - Base Unit

A vertical work panel printed with a metric grid. For use with the STF range of experiments.

STR19 - Experiment

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate a simple suspension bridge structure, and measure the cable tension under various loads.