FC50-2.5 - Experiment

2.5 x 0.053 x 0.12 Metre Flume

A 53 mm wide, 2.5 m long flume complete with models and instruments for demonstrating flow around weirs and other objects in an open channel.

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2.5 x 0.053 x 0.12 Metre Flume

The apparatus consists of a floor-standing 2.5 metre, 53 mm wide flume, together with various gates, weirs and blocks, enabling the phenomena of flumes to be easily demonstrated and studied. The FC50 is TecQuipment’s most compact flume, providing simple installation and flexible storage in the laboratory.

The equipment is designed primarily for use with TecQuipment’s Digital Hydraulic Bench (H1F, available separately) which provides the necessary water supply, drain and digital flow-measurement facilities. Alternatively, the customer may arrange their own water supply and flow-measurement facilities, if desired.

The flume can be inclined +2.5% to -0.5% giving a total inclination of 3%.

If required students can download TecQuipment’s Hydraulics Data Management System (HDMS) software onto a suitable computer (not supplied) to aid with entering, evaluating and presenting their data.

Hydraulics Data Management System

The HDMS is a complimentary software tool designed to help students accurately record data from experiments associated with this apparatus. The software is intuitive and easy to use, with clear and convenient data display options, enabling students to run automatic calculations and export charts and results for further investigation.

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Learning outcomes

  • Study of sluice and drum gates including investigation into hydraulic jump, specific energy and the determination of discharge coefficient
  • Study of submerged narrow-crested and crump weirs revealing the relationship between head over a weir and discharge
  • Study of a broad-crested weir (by combining the square and radius jump blocks) and the effects of changing the profile of the weir
  • Study of uniform flow in an inclined channel with investigations into the Chézy factor and coefficient
  • Study of a Venturi flume to indicate the discharge and surface profile, thus the derivation of the discharge coefficient
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