Case Studies | 15th September 2022

A Customer Review - Bedford College's product usage and experience

We speak with Teddy Kye-Nyarko, the head of department for technical and modern courses at Bedford College, as he talks about the construction and engineering courses that use TecQuipment products.

Bedford College has been using TecQuipment teaching equipment for many years and recently took delivery of a new batch of teaching apparatus from the UK manufacturer.

What are TecQuipment products used for?

My name is Teddy Kye-Nyarko. I'm the head of department for technical and modern courses here at Bedford College. Bedford College has been running construction and engineering courses for a very long time and we chose to purchase products from TecQuipment because we wanted world-class equipment to be used by our students. We also wanted to purchase products from a company that can help and support us with the delivery of this equipment and in the staff training of products purchased.

What we use TecQuipment products for is for materials testing and properties. We have the Beam Apparatus (SM1004), Euler Buckling Apparatus (SM1005), Universal Testing Machine (SM1000), Strain Gauge Trainer (SM1009), Engineering Science Work Panel (ES1) and Tensile Tester Kit (ES6), Strain Gauge Kit (E19), Statics Work Panel (STF1) and the Equilibrium of a Beam Experiment (STF5), and Hooke's Law and Spring Rate Experiment (SM110).

Do you use the product user guides?

Dave introduced us to using the user guides effectively when he came to do the installation of products at Bedford. He said the user guide is user-friendly and has exercises in it for the students to perform, so if you make photocopies of some of the exercises, you can give these to the student. You don't need to prepare anything, just make copies of them and hand them over to students and help or go through the exercises with them, if needed. Otherwise, it’s a step-by-step procedure for the students to follow to perform the experiments.

What has your experience been with using our Customer Care service?

I have dealt with Customer Care on several occasions because we had recent training and realised we had purchased an extra frame, so Dave helped us purchase one of the tensile testing equipment to utilise the frame. I said that's brilliant, so we did purchase that, and we also had to purchase the digital frame as well alongside that. So what currently happens is, and I can show you, is we can be testing for tensile, and we can also be doing the bending moments apparatus at the same time on just one piece of equipment, which we found to be very helpful.

I normally send Customer Care an email and they always get back to me promptly, so they have been very helpful. Equally, if you are not sure on the equipment, the team will get back to you through email, or a voice or video chat with you online to help support you. Or, if you prefer them to be on your site, why not? They will come onto your site and help and support you.

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